The Flag Issue:Celebrating Scientology's New Spiritual Center

Cathedral for the Future

Floors five and six are for the two auditing procedures Mr. Hubbard intended for every Scientologist—the Super Power and Cause Resurgence Rundowns. Super Power was developed as a result of his observations in the 1970s of corrosive social phenomena—escalating drug abuse and crime, declining education and literacy, and eroding moral values. Mr. Hubbard termed the widespread malaise in society “disassociation,” a critical barrier to the ability and power to comprehend and manage one’s life.

He also observed the effects of compulsive television watching—even more relevant today with people easily obsessed with social media, texting and video games.

His remedy to this disassociation was a series of spiritual counseling steps intended to increase or restore perception, and enhance spiritual awareness and the ability to actively participate in life.

In the final step of Super Power, utilizing entirely unique 21st-century spiritual technology, the individual performs a series of exercises that result in rehabilitated and awakened perceptions. These drills exist for the 57 perceptions of an individual, including smell, hearing, touch, taste, motion and others less recognized, such as sense of direction and perception of gravity.

The Cause Resurgence Rundown rehabilitates the individual’s ability to generate his own energy and eliminate mental and spiritual factors that inhibit his ability to control his life.

To Scientology and Scientologists, the Flag Building represents a monumental advance in the Church’s capacity to provide the religious services of training and auditing on a scale commensurate with the ever-growing numbers of parishioners and Churches worldwide.

The Flag Building is an architectural masterpiece, providing Scientologists the means to spiritual advancement in a setting befitting the magnitude of the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.