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December 2016
Clearwater Special Edition
Freedom Magazine. Clearwater Building cover
Special Clearwater Edition.
August 2015
Freedom Magazine. Flag issue cover
July 2014
Special Edition
Church of Scientology
since 1968
Illustration by Peter Green Design

Clearwater, Florida, is flush with potential. Nature has been kind to the city—with an abundance of sun and sand, plus magnificent access to the Gulf of Mexico. The city has a rich diversity of ethnic groups, and many talented citizens who are leaders in the arts, civic affairs and business. What gives Clearwater a leg up on most other medium-sized Florida cities is a dynamic anchor for downtown—the international spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology. Florida State University economists tally the Church’s annual contribution to the city at a stunning $917 million. In this issue, Freedom examines the July 2014 economic impact study that arrived at this figure, and looks at how the windfall is revitalizing Clearwater’s once-dying downtown.

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